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A mobile developer skilled in various mobile platforms from BREW to Android.

comment Screenshot is black in Mac OS X SL
Changing the resolution worked for me on my MacBook Pro. I didn't even bother leaving the preferences window -- just clicked on a different resolution and clicked back. All good. Thanks!
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comment Best TightVNC settings to connect to Snow Leopard from Win7
This is good to know. Don't let the compatibility matrix fool you. It may claim that Windows Vista and Windows 7 aren't available for free, but the Viewer is always free. And there's no need to fill out any forms; just a click on the continue button and I downloaded the 64-bit viewer and in seconds was connected to my Mac with much better performance than TightVNC.
comment How does VirtualBox's memory usage work?
In Task manager, turn on some of the other memory columns (View->Select Columns...). Memory is counted in many different ways in Windows. For instance, "commit size" can be dramatically higher than "Memory Usage." Exactly which to use and how to interpret them is a different story.
comment Is there any 'sudo' command for Windows?
You also have to make sure that the Administrator account has a password. Otherwise you get an error 1327, "user account restriction. Possible reasons are blank passwords not allowed,..."