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Web developer with interest in Games programming, Windows phone development and Azure.

Usually writes my code in HTML5, ASP.NET MVC 3, Javascript and CSS. Also has an interest in F#.

comment zip.exe found in C:\Windows
I have a bunch of zipfldr.dll in my Windows 7 install. But no zip.exe
comment Webpages have black squares which go away on mouse moves over them
Which browser is it? Something like that can happen on firefox with hardware acceleration turned on I think.
comment How to bypass web URL filtering service to access blocked websites (proxy)
The trick with using imap is that you would have to find another webmail to use it from. One that isn't blocked. Obviously yahoo mail or hotmail won't work. But perhaps you could find one that is fairly obscure. But I'm beginning to think that using a phone is probably the way to go. Or sweet talk the network guy.
comment How to completely remove a program from my PC?
It's possible. It will just require a lot of effort on your part. And you will have to determine if the effort is worth it.
comment Windows does not recognize DVDs inserted into Blu-ray drive
Have you rebooted your computer? Not just put it in to sleep or hibernate, but a proper reboot? Also have you tried to update the firmware on the blu-ray player?
comment Security Essentials tray icon disapeared?
When I do that I get a message that says "This notification icon is not currently active". When I tried what ahmet said above, the icon shows up. But only until I reboot my computer.
comment How to get a list of non read only files in Windows?
/A:-D specifies that you don't want directories. -R specifies that readonly attribute isn't present. You did try something similar. But the space between -R and -D confused the dir program.
comment Where does the picture go when I plug in an external monitor in laptop?
But I've NOW installed them...
comment Where does the picture go when I plug in an external monitor in laptop?
You are of course right. In a rookie-move on my part I had forgotten to install the drivers to the hotkeys. But I've not installed them and tried them. And I can now see my nice blue windows desktop on both monitors. Thank you.
comment Why are there two application data directories?
I'm not really an expert on Outlook Express. But perhaps they didn't design it for roaming profiles. Since Microsoft makes an expensive Outlook that's designed for that purpose.
comment windows hotkey combination to start the browser?
It's a standard feature on windows 7. Perhaps Vista. But not Server 2003 or XP.