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comment Hosting dynamic DNS website on Virtual Box with single open port - safe?
I'm using almost exactly the same config without problems. As long as you are on top of security on your guest system, and keep a beady eye on the router's logs, you shouldn't hit anything untoward.
comment Is it possible to read a harddrive with an unknown file system
If the VM software can present the disk straight to the guest OS, I don't see why not.
comment Possible cause(s) of slow transfer on home network?
The output you posted from dmesg suggests all is well with the ethernet link, at least as far as the Linux box is concerned. It's unlikely, but possible, that the router thinks something else. How you'd find that out, though, depends on the make and model of the router - I've never used a ZyXEL, so can't offer any help there, I'm afraid. It can't do any harm to reset the router...
comment No access to remote port 22
@FabPelletier - if others can connect to the server from the same network that you are on, then yes, it is safe to say it is not a switch on that network. It's also safe to say the server config is fine, and running correctly. Can you connect to other ssh servers on other machines from the same client computer?
comment ssh freezes when trying to connect to some hosts
Try running the ssh command with -vv or even -vvv to increase verbosity - you might get more information that way.