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comment How can I unlock a folder locked by ‘System’ process on Windows Server 2008?
For repeated occurrences where you can't track what's creating the file, try running ProcMon from the SysInternals suite, filtering down on a suitable Path and remembering to include the System process in the filter (which is excluded by default). As you might need to leave it open for a while, choose Drop Filtered Events from the Filter menu. When the file is touched you should see a CreateFile event. Opening up that event might reveal an "Impersonating" field with an associated username -- sometimes that might be enough of a clue to move you on.
comment Windows names a bounced wifi router with a '2' suffix, no outgoing connection
Thanks, I'll take a look. I may have your point about-face -- my two devices are ethernet-connected, so I'd assume I need different channels.