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comment Too many open ports in Debian 8
hmm interesting, it didn't look (from the results you pasted in) as though your port scan got blocked, so I guess you might want to check with them that it's configured ok :)
comment What is the “park-agent” service used for?
I did read the question although it appears you may not have. The questioner said that they used nmap to scan a host and that it reported port 5431/TCP as open and that nmap said that this is for the "park-agent" service. The reason that nmap said that port 5431/TCP is for the park-agent service, is that it does a lookup on the file nmap-services and matches the port to the relevant line. As my answer says that's why nmap says that it's park-agent. In reality it may well not be that, but nmap reports that based on the file. if you've got a better answer feel free to post it :)
comment What is the “park-agent” service used for?
for the first part of your comment I'm afraid to say my answer is complete, nmap looks up a file called nmap-services and that's the text it shows, which is what OP saw, that's how Nmap works. As to the second part of your comment I'm afraid I don't really see what you mean, so I can't really comment