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Father, husband, geek.

I love building things online. I've built Eachday, GrowShow, Contentfree, and many others.

I enjoy being a part of the open source community and contribute (mainly to the Ruby community). I've created gems like Blackbook and is_it_mobile.

I love music. My band, The Republic, is touring this fall.

comment How to check all timestamps of a file?
@FatalError: So why does stat <file> show a Birth timestamp that is the time when <file> was created? Is it just a coincidence? Is it the birthdate of the inode?
comment How do I change a users default shell in OSX?
Lifesaver after moving my account's shell out of the PATH... couldn't start Terminal to fix via command line!
comment Share a Wifi connection through wifi on Mac OS X
@Daniel Beck and @Jay_Booney are not correct – otherwise, how could Connectify on Win7 share a Wifi connection [1,2]? @Arkan: Unfortunately I don't have a solution for you for Mac (was searching for one myself) but was compelled to correct the above comments. [1] connectify.me [2] techrepublic.com/blog/networking/…