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I'm a developer based in London/Surrey. I make a living doing all-and-sundry for a financial services firm, from numerical algorithms to server monitoring, and from web services to WPF applications.

A fair share of my time is spent doing r&d for the team on new technologies, trying out new ideas for better ways to get things done and optimizing existing code and processes.

Day-to-day I work with C#, with a handful of SQL thrown in.


Food. Eating in great restaurants, cooking great meals to share with friends, everything gastronomic makes me happy. And I've got a worryingly huge collection of cookery books taking over my lounge to prove it!

Photography. I love my 40D and would surely have it with me more often were the beautiful British weather a little less wet.

And, of course coding. Having spent a lot of time around C-based languages (C, C++, C#, Obj-C), I'm currently enjoy playing with F# and trying to grok functional languages.

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