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comment How to convert .img to usable VirtualBox format
"try renaming the .IMG as .ISO and mount it" - may be for lazy people like me it is better to move it on the top - it is definetely more simple than 7 steps and it works!
comment Kill a process with a specific “Command Line” from command line
Just a little tip for cmd files - to use this command from cmd file you should replace escape all '%' chars with a second '%' char, e.g. ... CommandLIne Like '%%-jar ...
comment What is a keyboard “without frame”?
I'll add my 5 cents.. If you are buying a keyboard "without frame" and at the same time you're able to get the same "with frame" - it is better to take the second one. It can be a real pain to remove the old frame from the old keyboard. Yesterday I was installing a new one without frame to my hp g7, and it took about 15 minutes to remove an old frame + I've made a couple of cracks on it, not critical, but unpleasant. The frame itself is used not only to cover the space between keys, but it is also used to fix the keyboard inside the laptop.
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