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comment Is an encrypted home more likely to get corrupted?
@HappyDeveloper as opposed to just a '~/Private' (different from ~/.Private) directory. In other words, before 9.04 only files the user explicitly placed in ~/Private were encrypted; from 9.04 onwards all files in ~/ are encrypted (when encryption is enabled, of course).
comment touch /forcefsck not working on Fedora16
Does the line for your disk in /etc/fstab end with "0 0" or is missing the final column? If the 6th column is missing or 0, the startup scripts should skip that device when doing an fsck at startup.
comment How to jump back to the last position of the cursor in emacs?
Ah, I misunderstood, I'm sorry. Are you jumping to a different frame? A different window (different file inside the same frame)? Something else? What command are you entering by mistake: are you closing the current buffer or frame by accident?
comment SSH into my Linux desktop computer from Chrome OS
Just curious (since I don't have a Cr-48): does 'ssh -X hostname' work (i.e. allow you forward GUI applications to the Cr-48)? Seems like that would be a nice way to turn the Cr-48 into a thin client.