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Senior Software Developer for Air Graphics LLC. Working mostly with a custom C# MVC framework.

Known languages include: C#, C/C++, Python, (some) Ruby, XHTML(duh), JavaScript, CSS, (some) ActionScript3, Visual Basic, MSSQL, MySQL, Erlang, x86 Assembly (mostly 32bit inline asm), working on learning Lisp.

Known OSes include: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Irix, working on learning OpenBSD and Solaris.

comment Run Windows inside a virtual machine on Linux for gaming
"by definition cannot use the actual graphics hardware". That's not really true. All it requires is a shim driver. Such drivers exist on MAC for both Fusion and Parallels. In addition, almost every major VM distributor also includes shim drivers for networking, disk access, etc.
comment Why can't Windows 7 be installed on a ARM processor based system?
Actually my brother has gotten Winodws 95 to run on ARM (via QEMU). So QEMU will kindof get you there... but there's so much emulation going on at that point that no, it's not really practical.
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