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comment How secure is Windows Remote Desktop Connection?
LogMeIn has a free version of its product which uses AES-256 by default. You can't connect your local hard drive (amongst other limitations), though, so if you need a file off of your home computer, you'll have to e-mail it to yourself or upload it somewhere for you to grab it at work.
comment Legally downgrade Windows Vista Home OEM license?
Note that Windows 7 Enterprise is currently available as a free 90-day trial. Note that it isn't an RC. Plus, Windows 7 is only a little over a month away. While XP is nice, it seems a little stale for your sort of modern hardware, and Windows 7 sports better power management features (supposedly), helping you kick out extra battery life to balance the slightly increased memory footprint and processor load.
comment Windows XP scheduled tasks and defragmenting?
SmartDefrag allows you to schedule defrags as well as optionally optimize file placement. It's real power, though, comes from its ability to autodefragment all of your volumes while your system is idling. This helps to keep your HDDs in a consistently defragmented state. It's also free and has a CNET Editor's Choice recommendation.
comment Why is localhost IP
The only reasons I would see them arbitrarily choosing 127 is that it's an easy number to remember (01111111), and perhaps they were allowing 16 million host addresses for being able to communicate with itself and itself only (like how some programs and Windows components use ports nowadays). The RFCs only really mentioned that it's standard practice for to be used for loopback. It's quite nebulous as to what they intended for the rest of the block aside from it looping back to the host and never hitting the network, hence my above speculation.
comment Can I keep Google from stealing my cursor in Firefox?
Doh, can't win them all. I blame the Internet!