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Recently graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a B.S. in Economics and a minor in Spanish.

Experience in Android development and web design/development (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript).

Currently working as a youth pastor at Culbertson Baptist Church in North Louisiana.

Hobbies & interests include biblical studies, all things coffee, languages, chess, and finding new hobbies.

comment Different files on shared partition?
In /etc/fstab I changed the mount options from 'defaults' to 'rw' and that fixed it. I don't know very much about the fstab file though, is this a permanent fix or was it just coincidence?
comment Installing Windows 8 next to Ubuntu
For anyone finding this from Google, I did install Windows 8 in its own partition, and it did preserve my other partitions.
comment Installing Windows 8 next to Ubuntu
Great, thanks! Glad to hear that Microsoft finally added this feature.
comment Deleted Windows Partition with Boot Files
I tried creating a recovery disk from a friend's computer. The last piece of my original post was what it showed when I booted from it.