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I am a software engineer working on Linux-based embedded networking and data acquisition systems for commercial aircraft.

My preferred language is C++, but I'm also well versed in Java and plain old C, and I have some familiarity with Perl, PHP, Python, and SQL.

I was once a Ph.D. student concentrating in theory, but eventually I decided I'd rather write code than write papers.

I maintain a website, mostly about programming and computer science related topics, called Nerdland.

comment The parent of the root directory
@Roger But then there wouldn't be the invariant that every directory has a .. parent directory within it. Since the system already has to handle directories that are their own parents (consider hard-linking a directory into itself), making the root its own parent requires no new functionality or special rules, so that decision obeys the principle of least surprise.
comment /etc/init.d/<program> or /etc/rc.d/init.d/<program>?
Why do people vote to move everything vaguely related to Linux to ServerFault? This is clearly a question for SuperUser.
comment Can a computer act as a cellphone?
What do you think cell phones are, except really tiny computers? You would need a cellular radio card (possibly that hooks up via USB), though, not just an antenna (which is only a piece of wire). Also, this isn't really about programming.
comment Linux Kernel Messages: ata1.00: status: { DRDY ERR }
Yeah this definitely a terminally ill drive. Grab your data while you still can.
comment How to store a Unix alias?
This function has a small bug. You forgot to quote $2 in alias $1=$2. See: superuser.com/questions/114690/…
comment Untar, ungz, gz, tar - how do you remember all the useful options?
I've used tar about ten billion times and never noticed that all the most commonly used options are right next to each other on the keyboard. headsmack