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System Architect / Senior Software Developer in Calgary, Alberta. Consulting on various projects, mostly with a .Net or classic ASP background. I've been developing Web applications and Websites for over a decade now ranging from using a propietary markup and ISAPI extensions(C/C++) to Classic ASP(VBScript) to ASP.Net(C# 1.0/1.1/2.0/3.5/4.0/MVC) I enjoy solving puzzles such as Sudoku and mysteries. My previous work involves using various Agile practices,e.g. Scrum and pair-programming, on a CMS project within an IS department's web development group.

I enjoy sharing what I've experienced, learned or think may be worth sharing with the world.

comment What is virtual memory?
I believe the note from Wikipedia involves some qualifications on what is used in terms of things being contiguous.
comment What rights does an employer have to the employee's computer?
A twist on this question would be whether an employer should be able to impersonate the employee, as that could be viewed as a form of identity theft in some circumstances. Generally I believe that my employer has access to my machine anytime and may reboot the box without my knowing in some cases. If I'm using my home computer for work, this does become an interesting question in some ways.