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I'm mainly a python programmer with experience in C++ and Java. I am familiar with Windows, Linux, and Mac. I maintain a document management webapp at work. I focus on developing other webapps and video games in my own time. I have too many hobbies.

comment Does the meaning of the term WWW mean it has to be performed by HTTP servers- by definition?
The question isn't whether it would've been possible with contemporary web browsers in 1994 though, I read the question as being whether the WWW would be possible at all without HTTP. And the answer to that is not only would it be possible in theory, but it would in fact be possible today using some modern browsers, at least in a somewhat simplified form. They should be capable of serving hypertext files sourced from ftp or gopher and linking to other HTML documents available through ftp or gopher. All the essential elements of the WWW are there, without any HTTP required.
comment Can nvidia ION's HDMI output to 2560x1600p ? (geforce 9400m, Aspire revo R3600)
I'd also consider the computing power of the box in question. Even if it is technically possible to output 2560x1600, I would be surprised if the nettop had enough power to drive it at acceptable frame rates. My own little Ion-powered nettop struggles to do anything meaningful at 1080p without stuttering.
comment How should one safely background a “daemon” process when started manually?
Glad I could help, best of luck! To clarify, the &> /dev/null bit attaches both stderr and stdout to the file /dev/null. That means it's basically leaving them disconnected, since /dev/null is a special device that discards all input.
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answered How should one safely background a “daemon” process when started manually?
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