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comment Why isn't crontab working for me? (Ubuntu 11.04)
crap, I think I've figured it out, I forgot to run the script with bash :D so... any other mistake you see in my syntax?
comment Antec Fusion Black (iMON) LCD won't turn off on system shutdown, blacklight is still on, and I cant suspend either
I think I've managed to get it working (kinda). I read that it is a bug with USB3.0 that has been fixed in the Natty release but has not been included in Maverick. What I need to do was to add the line SUSPEND_MODULES="xhci" to the file /etc/pm/config.d/unload_module and then it suspended ergo the LCD is also black. I think I will settle with that, even though i'm unable to fully shut the computer down, if not anyone has a better solution.