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comment Retrieve colors from PDF
I was using ImageMagick 6.6.9-7 2014-03-06 Q16. Does the Channel Statistics give you what you want?
comment Why will a link load from a webpage click and not direct access
Would you mind providing the example (sanitized) URL and how it's placed within the file?
comment Wireshark doesn't capture 802.11 data packets
I'm not entirely sure what you're doing, but DD-WRT (and other firmwares) will separate WiFi traffic from LAN traffic (isolation) in an attempt to prevent snooping.
comment Triple (3) Monitors under Linux
Some Window Managers (Compiz) have settings that will help you better place your windows. You can set up manual configurations using Window Titles/Classes, or simply tell Compiz to place the window on the display your cursor currently occupies.
comment How to keep program always in memory (no swapping)
Sorry, I'm being told by multiple sources that it's an all or nothing type situation. Sorry I couldn't be of further help.
comment How to run a Bittorrent mirror for various torrents e.g. from XML feeds?
TorProject's Tails wiki provides a nice tutorial on how to set up rssdler and rtorrent to automatically download new torrents to seed them automatically. Please consider mirroring their project :D tails.boum.org/contribute/how/mirror/…
comment Does it make sense to keep different SSIDs for 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networks?
DD-WRT lists this as a 'work in progress'. Be sure to check up from time to time to see if it gets added.
comment How can I get or make a USB to SATA-power cable?
Typically, one would use an eSATA port to provide both power and data to the drive. Most eSATA ports also double as a USB port. Note that because of the power differences in laptops and desktops, laptops have limitations on what devices they can power in this manor.
comment Does Grub2 support Memtest86+ iso files?
gparted (which is something else you may want to have as a boot option) has a detailed explanation of how to add Grub2 menu entries of many of it's available builds (iso, vmlinux). gparted.sourceforge.net/livehd.php
comment What could be blocking my DynDNS?
The problem here is that he is trying to access his ROUTER and not a machine within the router's LAN. If he were trying to access a machine within the LAN, he would need to use port forwarding. In this case, however, it seems to be that he is trying to do something fundamentally insecure with his router. Routers have special security measures built in to prevent this type of activity by default (which is very smart). If you want to open your router to the internet as long as the router has that capability, you can. A better solution would be to create a ssh tunnel and access 'locally'.