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I am a software developer whom has a strong desire of knowing how things work under the surface. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with others on my blog, because I get a sense of satisfaction if I could help solving someone else's problem.

I am not the type of person who only works for a living, instead I work as a passion. You cannot pay me to sit in front of the computer and do repetitive tasks (OK, I lied, depends on how much $$) I constantly revise my code to see if there is a better implementation, if there is, I will probably lose sleep on it.

I believe if a developer is too good at one language, will actually becomes a worse developer, there is no such a language that solves all the problems. Hence I know quite a few different ones, just in case... gotta use the right tool for the right job.

You will most certainly find out I do not know everything, but anything required to do the work, I can pick it up relatively quickly, I am a fast learner, well at least I think I am :)

I often joke a lot, and my colleagues seem don't mind about it, they say I have a sense of humor, I hope they mean it :)

Did I say I have a blog? http://james.lin.net.nz

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