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comment Performance of file operations on thousands of files on NTFS vs HFS, ext3, others
Excellent supporting info, user4197, but that information confirms that contention for $MFT can be a problem when working with a lot of small files whose metadata gets updated often.
comment Could lightweight markup text files and a version control system replace MS Word?
For what it's worth, you hit the exact same points I make when I ask to not use Word to do engineering documents. Usually, people just laugh. "'Word' is the corporate standard." As if that makes it's gross flaws any more acceptable.
comment How long does it take for a failing HDD to die?
The few disks I've had fail have all acted quite differently. One just made a clunk noise, and never powered up again. Another would work for a while, then gradually slow down til nothing came out of it. Power cycling let me retrieve all data, but working periods got smaller and smaller.