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  • Software Developer at GSA Capital.
  • Interned twice at Facebook and once at Google.

I'm interested in interesting abstractions that make everybody's life easier. I seek elegant solutions to problems. Very hooked on functional languages, possibly too much for my own good.

I also enjoy music and play the guitar and the piano.

comment How to kill a process on Mac OS X that's “trying to exit” (E)?
Same problem on Mountain Lion 10.8.3, with the Finder process, only process state appears as "?E".
comment Fancy colored rendering issue on osx 10.8 retina with iTerm
I have the same issue (on 10.8), all colored unicode characters (e.g. Emoji) are displayed with full transparency around them (regardless of what iTerm window's background transparency is set to). All I know is that it works correctly under Terminal.app
comment Mac OS X read/write NTFS support
I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.8 ~ Kernel version Darwin 10.8.0, on a 2011 MBP15, and encountered the same problem with MacFuse (same symbols are missing for x86_64). Using MacFuse 2.1.7 beta (from here: macfuse.googlecode.com/svn-history/r1658/releases/developer/…)