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As an occupation, I'm a mathematical physicist, studying string theory and quantum field theory.

I've developed as a hobby a few Cocoa (Touch) apps. The largest one so far is spires.app, which manages articles and metadata downloaded from the arXiv eprint server, the inspire database, and the journal websites.

I'm also interested in many other things, which is why I ask questions in various StackExchange sites ...

comment How does iTunes keep on playing music if the entire system is frozen?
I think it's always a good question to ask how one can make one's program more responsive!
comment Rapport Trusteer for Mac: how does it work?
@nuc I completely agree with that. That's why I asked the question here. I love&hate haxies... it was a lot of fun to write InputManager plugins. But I don't want anybody else to abuse my system like that.
comment Rapport Trusteer for Mac: how does it work?
Well, Rapport has both Windows and Mac version, and I'm specifically asking how the Mac version works. I presume the mechanism the software uses to intervene the normal browser operations vary according to the OS, that's why I asked this question here... but yes, SuperUser might be more fitting. Is there a way to transfer a question across stackexchange sites?