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Currently I work as a Computer Biologist at FUNDACIÓN INVESTIGACIÓN CLÍNICO DE VALENCIA-INCLIVA after being working at Genome Campus, Cambridge-UK (both Sanger and EBI) for more than 10 years. My current job deals with genomic analysis of complex diseases in humans using NGS.

I have a Zoology degree, a master in genetics and evolution and a PhD in molecular genetics in complex diseases (Hypertension).

I create software applications for genetic analysis and genomic visualization using Perl (bioperl API, ensEMBL API), R (bioconductor) and javascript (jquery and extjs)

comment How to diff the redirection of two commands in a shell script
you were so fast you need to wait 11 minutes to have your deserved 'question answered' tick ;-)
comment How to diff the redirection of two commands in a shell script
silly me! I was calling it with sh and forgot that <() is a bash!! thanks
comment Java 7 update for Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8
you have a how to here geekforgeek.com/archives/…
comment how to add pdfs from R to an openoffice presentation?
I personally would not go that way. If you want to add a plot in a presentation go for a png. Chances are that PPT will destroy your plot for other users, or some page resize will scale wrongly text and lines. If you want to insert into LO for editing then I truly recommend to edit that with inkscape or similar, and save as png. Having said that, this is an interesting knowledge to have in the toolbox.
comment Eclipse/Aptana does not ctrl+tab between open files
same for me in laptop or ctrl-pageup when using external keyboard