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comment Unhide Windows 7 context menu extras permanently
Hi! Did you find a way to move the ShellEx Menu Items out or into the extended Menu? I have been looking everywhere, but cannot find anything that would work. Would like to hide some items by default while having them available on the extended menu. I have tried adding the "Extended" string in the registry (as it is done with the normal shell menus) but with no luck. Disabling is easy but not practical since there is occasionally need for those items.
comment Remove “SkyDrive Pro” from context menu?
hi! on 64 bit windows you can also try regsvr32 /u "%programfiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office15\GROOVEEX.DLL"
comment Autoplaylists in Foobar2000: Ways to limit the number of query results
Thanks for taking the time to put together the foobar2k forum links. I had seen the post you cite in your answer but had hopes that something might have changed in the 3.5 years since it was posted... As you well said; sadly it has not. Even though it was not the answer I had hoped for, I'm accepting your answer. Thanks again for your time. Hopefully this will get included in future foobar2000 updates!
comment IP address changes frequently & Computer is not available via hostname
Thanks for your help! I changed to a manual ip and it didn't work at first. I had to replace the ethernet cable and then I had a working network. The pc is still not pingable via hostname. If I switch back to automatically assigned IP the old behaviour returns. Every few minutes a new ip-address. What do you need to know more about the problem? Thank you again!
comment Fine-grained control over font size in Windows 7
Which control panel settings did you try? When I use the Set custom text size (DPI) under the control panel "Screen" option I'm getting crisp text.