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C#/Oracle wrangler at work, Kubuntu user at home. Like making music on my guitar. Also interested in encryption and semantic web. Want to learn more Python for some personal projects.

comment How to install 2X Client on 64-bit ubuntu?
I managed to fix the dependencies using this, but now it just segfaults when I run it :( Any further clues?
comment What causes XP to lose the clipboard?
I forgot to mention that I'm using the PC in question via Remote Desktop from my Kubuntu PC at home. I've had other clipboard issues where the XP box gets items from the Linux one. I need to monitor the situation and look for patterns.
comment How do I transcode widescreen Freeview recordings on Linux
Installed Winff from Ubuntu repos, but it crashed when adding a file. Latest version did that too until I changed the GTK+ Widget Stype to Raleigh from QTCurve as described at biggmatt.com/forums/index.php?topic=525.0 I suspect the presets may be for US video as they are for 30fps. I don't mind running scripts and I'm sure someone must be running this sort of conversion.
comment Why does my Linksys WRT54GS keep losing its memory?
Since installing the latest Firmware the problem has not re-occured.
comment Why does my Linksys WRT54GS keep losing its memory?
I think the router is too old to be worth fixing. I updated the firmware last night and will see if that helps. I have been importing a settings file when it lost them