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Once upon a time I worked in a factory to pay for my CS degree. I was promoted several times into engineering and then into engineering management. To switch back to my goal of a computer programming became expensive - upper end engineering salary vs mid level programmer. So I wrote code to automate engineering processes ("Expert System" if you will). Then one day I made an executive decision and made the career change and have been happier but poorer since.

  • I am a parent
  • I am a husband
  • I am a software developer
  • I am a Freemason
  • I am a Scottish Rite Freemason
  • I am a Royal Arch Freemason
  • I am a Shriner
  • I am a member of the Order of the Eastern Star
  • I believe in the teachings of Jesus
  • I believe in one God
  • I do not know if your belief is right or wrong and I will never judge you

comment Is it possible to create bootable USB from “any” bootable ISO
I use unetbootin w/o a problem as well.
comment Achieving A 1600 x 900 Resolution For (Guest OS) Ubuntu Under (Host OS) Windows 7
What monitor do you have that's 1600 x 900? 1440 x 900 is common.
comment Can I route programs to two internet connections simultaneously in Windows 7?
+1 for mentioned ForceBindIP, however it never worked as expected for me.
comment Outlook global address book for company w/o Exchange
I chose Valentin's answer, however I was really hoping for something that I run as a server locally.
comment Outlook global address book for company w/o Exchange
Both acceptable answers, too bad I can only chose one.
comment Custom live Linux distro
I'll check it out.
comment Specific Network Interface
@Jakub just to get an external IP. In this instance, I'm tethering my phone - which is outside of the firewall while the rest of the computer is inside the firewall.
comment Overwrite content of Word, Exit the program. How do I recover this?
I'm so sorry... but... It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.