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comment RDP client does not consider smart card as valid for authentication
Unfortunately, it does not work: the client is necessarily aware that it must talk to a gateway, and decides to ask for user credentials before talking to the gateway; and enablecredsspsupport changes nothing to it.
comment RDP client does not consider smart card as valid for authentication
I will try it tomorrow, when I am back to work. From your description, it looks promising.
comment Truecrypt Ext4 container shared over windows?
Linux has a mkntfs command which creates a NTFS filesystem on a volume. It is possible that TrueCrypt does not offer it in whatever interface it uses (I don't know), but it should be possible from the command-line.
comment Create an auto-growing encrypted folder on linux?
From what I read on the Web, eCryptFS is more integrated into the system, with part of it done in the kernel, so it is supposedly faster, but more invasive. I'd say go with eCryptFS if it is natively supported by your distribution; but EncFS will be easier otherwise, especially if you are a non-root user on a shared system.
comment Getting an IE error after accepting a site's certificate
I once had a problem like this, and it was not a certificate trouble at all; instead, the server was OpenSSL code which was sending zero-length records as part as some sort of vulnerability workaround, and the client was IE 6.0 which did not support zero-length records. The certificate thing was a total red herring.