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I am a software engineer working mostly in Python and front-end web technologies.

comment tmux / vim split panes
Going to guess here that what you're seeing is a side effect of the fact that characters in a terminal emulator must take up a full block. That block has a single foreground and a single background color. Because the line is drawn with characters within the terminal emulator you're going to have this "leak".
comment vim: Opening a file and showing the last N opened files in N splits
This isn't exactly what you ask but you may be able to pull ideas from it's source: github.com/spolu/dwm.vim
comment vi / vim abrumpt buffer movements within window
There is currently a discussion on the vim_dev mailing list on this topic. It seems you aren't the only one with this request.
comment How do I correctly install snipMate for vim?
@Sidyll as this is not a question of vim functionality but rather a question of installation issues (of a plugin at that), it may be better suited on SU. However, I generally agree vim questions belong here.
comment VI adding # moves cursor to beginning of the line
Once again... these vim questions belong on SO, not SU.