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comment Rebalance hard drives in a Storage Space Pool?
"Optimize pool is supported only with Simple or Mirror Spaces; Parity Spaces are not supported"
comment How to specify folders to backup in Windows 8?
@JonyAdamit The reason i didn't accept this is because i certainly am not going to add folders into a library just to make them backed up. If i add these folders to a new library, then a new library would appear. That's no good.
comment Screenshot tools that include the mouse cursor?
Another con to this method is that it only captures an image when you click the mouse button. In my case i was trying to record a problem that happens when you hover over the Close button of an application.
comment Windows 7, file properties, date modified, how do you show seconds?
@Pacerier 24,000 / 300,000,000 = 0.008%.
comment pfSense: How to route traffic out the WAN port?
Yes, this works. The ability to add extra arbitrary interfaces was added to pfSense sometime after i asked the question. @getack's answer links to the new pfSense How-To entitled Accessing modem from inside firewall
comment Is there a version of Process Monitor that runs on Windows 2000?
That's Process Explorer. We're after Process Monitor.
comment File I can't take ownership of
@Gavin What privilege do Administrators not have that they need to be granted? Under what circumstances would Windows not consider an Administrator as having insufficient rights to take ownership?
comment Why can the AckQueue not be the same as the Queue?
"...if you want pfSense to differentiate." That is the question; i don't want pfSense to differentiate. I want it to be the same queue.
comment How to force a remap of sectors reported in S.M.A.R.T C5 (Current Pending Sector Count)?
@MattMcNabb That's what Western Digital's Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool can do. It can zero out the entire driv.
comment How to block an IP address from sending or receiving traffic?
I'd long since given up; but that might be a good note. We learned that there is no such thing as traffic going to a LAN address. At first it seemed natural: --> Except because of an undocumented shortcoming, the firewall cannot understand traffic going to an internal address. Instead the traffic goes to the public WAN IP: --> And then sometime later, someplace else, traffic goes from pfSense: --> That's why you can't apply firewall rules on the WAN: they don't work.
comment Event ID:4797 “An attempt was made to query the existence of a blank password for an account.”
But the question remains. "An attempt was made to query the existence of a blank password for an account." Who attempted to query the existance of a blank password for an account? I see this answer explains how to disable these security-auditing events. But who is generating them? Where is the IP address of the person who tried to login as me with no password?
comment How to place SuperFetch cache on an SSD?
I had since looked into it; and turns out my motherboard doesn't support it. The SouthBridge does, but the motherboard is missing some sort of glue that makes it enabled.
comment Is it possible to recover a computer from a failed BIOS update?
Which it did not. Leaving the alternative of spending money to have the thing shipped back.
comment How to make Google Chrome honor my Windows DPI setting?
Text is horribly blurry. Looks like they're simply applying the blunt hammer of scaling the final composited window image - rather than actually supporting high-dpi. Hopefully it's a work in progress; maybe in 7 years Chrome will be where IE was 7 years ago.
comment How to force a remap of sectors reported in S.M.A.R.T C5 (Current Pending Sector Count)?
@MarkJeronimus The only think i can think is that there are pending sectors in an area outside of a partition (i.e. outside of "Drive C"). Using something like Western Digital's hard drive tool to write zero's to the entire drive - including partition tables and boot sectors.
comment How to force a remap of sectors reported in S.M.A.R.T C5 (Current Pending Sector Count)?
@MarkJeronimus Try using a file wiper, which will write all zeros (or all random data) to the file. That should get the drive to realize you don't care about those sectors anymore.
comment Cannot disable DPI scaling for Visual Studio 2012
The real reason, for those that live in the real world, is that every C# language feature starts at -100 points. Microsoft has finite resources, and a feature has to be worth it.
comment How to remove certain UML labels in Visio 2010
On the Window menu.... There is no Window menu!
comment Should I enable or disable Prefetch/Superfetch with my new SSD?
Although the SuperFetch benefit will not be as large with SSD as with a HDD, you will still benefit by having SuperFetch on - even when using an SSD. It is also important to ensure it is on if you have both SSD and HDD (e.g. user profile, documents, Outlook archive, dozens of gigabytes of games on the spinning platter). Windows 7 mistakenly would turn off SuperFetch if the primary disk was solid state. Windows 8 got smarter about leaving SuperFetch on. And yes, SuperFetch is still useful for caching in RAM things stored on a SSD.
comment How to check whether my hardware is 64-bit capable in Windows?
It was hoping the web-site would describe a way to see if my machine is 64-bit capable.