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comment Altgr randomly stops working on windows 8
I had a remote desktop session running fullscreen on other monitor and that was causing the issue. Minimizing the remote desktop window was enough to solve the issue. The problem does not occur always when remote desktop is fullscreen.
comment How do I get Google Chrome back to desktop mode on Windows 8
At least for me this did not work. Changing the setting closed Chrome and when I reopened, it opened in Modern UI mode. In my case the solution was to set IE as the default browser (see the answers below)
comment How to open multiple Modern UI Google Chrome Windows?
This seems to be possible in Windows 8.1 with Internet Explorer 11: pcworld.com/article/2043091/…
comment Is it possible to tunnel https traffic via ssh tunnel with standard ssh-programs?
You can get around the HTTPS certificate issue by adding the remote host to your local hosts file with ip address Then you can actually use remotehost:12345 address but the traffic will still be directed to SSH tunnel.
comment How do I move my current active window from one monitor to another using a keyboard shortcut?
@ViliusK Winsplit revolution FAQ says the following: The actual licence's "non-commercial" term just means that you can't directly make benefits with WinSplit Revolution. For example, you can't include it in a commercial package of software that you would sell. But as it is a freeware, you can distibute it freely as often as you want. link
comment What is the cURL command-line syntax to do a POST request?
If you are sending json, you can specify the content type with: --header "Content-Type:application/json"