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Disclaimer: I do not speak for my current, prior, nor future employer unless expressly noted. All my views and software posted publicly are my own.

Let's Kick The Clouds!

My standards developments and apps, github:

  • xupl - a terse alternative to XML and even JSON
  • NextVal is global, atomic sequence generator
  • DiGeST authentication for APIs
  • isnow - date/time repetition language
  • Open Synapse - metadata-based mind mapping
  • A simplis.tk, focus-oriented to-do list (ideal for mobile)
  • I created the revolutionary Up Langauge.

  • I work primarily with Java/Scala, JavaScript, C/ObjC, Python, Go (golang), and Bash. I still dabble in Perl now and then.

comment How to skew a Mac's clock 10 minutes while still keeping it “synchronized”?
@Aron That's an excellent idea. I think it's exactly the right way to go about it. Gonna try that. Thanks
comment Bash - how do you make it so that the result of a command gets placed into a variable?
Maybe also mention that ${OLDPWD} is a variable that already contains the previous directory.
comment How to skew a Mac's clock 10 minutes while still keeping it “synchronized”?
@kobaltz :) Yea, i'm also trying the (dis)incentive route to help her learn how to prepare ahead of time (and get accustom to being prepared) instead of always rushing to get out the door but i was also wanting to give her some extra help by setting the clocks that she uses ahead.
comment Flash Alternatives
LOL Great name for the project! It looks like it's still very young code. I haven't verified it but just by the looks of the code it doesn't appear to support older browsers (which makes sense, i guess, since they'll have to support SVG anyway).
comment Workstation for a software developer
I'm also a developer and i consider Mac OSX to be the ideal development platform because it allows for easy access to all three major platforms including multiple versions of each, Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Running OSes in VMWare is really quite efficient with minimal performance impact, unnoticeable in most cases. And the cost difference is more than accounted for by the software included with OSX, the stability of Unix, the versatility and the ease of use.