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comment Is is possible to use SLI with two identical graphics cards with different RAM sizes?
The owners manual states it, it came with an SLI bridge cable, and I've since gotten SLI working with two 4gb 770's. Consensus out there is that multiple memory sizes were supported, but nvidia dropped support for some reason.
comment Windows 7 don't use VPN connection
It seems as though all traffic is directed over the VPN by default on Windoze, and I can't find a way to change that. Evidenced by directing my browser to any one of those dumpy "whats my IP" sites, with it showing the IP of the VPN server.
comment OS X random, jumpy dragging behavior
Update - a PRAM reset did absolutely nothing.
comment WD Caviar Green freezes server before boot
Sorry I should have said that, the freeze happens in both IDE and AHCI modes. Also, since I posted the question, I tried the following: Unplug the Caviar. Power on the system, and stop GRUB from auto-selecting the OS. Plug in the Caviar, wait for it to spin up, then allow GRUB to continue with lé boot. This had no effect, the drive never showed up in /dev. Also, it probably doesnt matter, but the drive is exFAT formatted. I have the Ubuntu exFAT driver installed, but the machine isn't even getting to Ubuntu, so...
comment Is the Commodore 64 compatible with VIC-20 software?
Oh ok cool thanks, I'll give it a try then. It looks like the VIC-20 cassettes I ended up with have a flange that prevents 'em from going into my Commodore tape player, but I payed $1.00 each, so I might as well file one off and see what happens... thanks!
comment Mac OS X TCP/IP fingerprint obfuscator
Awesome, thanks! I didn't know about nmap, but my mucking about seems to have worked quite well - I've taken my system from nmap seeing it clearly as OS X to having it churn for 60 seconds and come back with "wtf?". Thanks alot!
comment Mac OS X TCP/IP fingerprint obfuscator
@WarrenP ya, I'm unfamiliar with the concept myself, I'm just working off what Wikipedia told me. As far as I understand it, it uses MTU and TTL along with a bunch of other fields in the handshake packet to sniff the OS. And lol no, I'd highly doubt that they're uniformly detectable. I'm presuming that the sniffing program (Cisco NAC) has some knowledge of that kinda stuff, but I'm also presuming that this is a pretty limited way of doing things. So my hypothesis is, if one or two of these fields was vastly off... but like I said, I'm pretty unfamiliar with this stuff.
comment Mac OS X TCP/IP fingerprint obfuscator
Also - is there a way to do this by just mucking with my MTU and TTL, etc? I'm not really worried about a performance drop, just need to scrape by a little while longer, until network admin gets around to changing the firewall settings lol.
comment Ubuntu crashing with NVidia GeForce 550 Ti
yep, it's Ubuntu 11.10, the acpi=off flag worked perfectly!!! Thanks a ton man, you're a lifesaver