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Available for Hire!

I am Keoki Zee, and I'm a Full-stack Web Developer and Git Lover!

Git is just a tree of commits, with Post-it notes attached.

  • Addicted to Git and the Power of the One Source Control.
  • Friends don't let friends rebase and push --force. Rebase and Time Travel Responsibly.
  • I don't always travel back in time and alter the course of history. But when I do—I use Git.
  • Absolute Git Corrupts Absolutely.
  • rebase -i — welcome to The Dark Side.
  • Git is Free, as in Freedom!
  • The "G" in Git stands for GODLIKE!


  1. The FREE online Pro Git book! Recommended: chapters 1-3, 6-6.5.
  2. FREE online Git Pocket Guide.
  3. The official Linux Kernel Git documentation.
  4. Linux Kernel Git Wiki.
  5. LEARN TO REBASE, both interactively and non-interactively. If you're not using rebase, then you're not using Git effectively!
  6. Git User’s Manual (for version 1.5.3 or newer).
  7. Gitolite: Everything I Know About Git.
  8. A Visual Git Reference.
  9. Git for beginners: The definitive practical guide.

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