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comment Emacs 24: Loading a package installed via ELPA
@lawlist: You are very observant. I made a mistake in the question. It is now fixed (the question) to the correct value of ~/.emacs.d/elpa/cmake-mode-20110824/. The problem remains.
comment Default installed ftp client on windows
The URL you gave is correct, just note that IE does not present a target that allow drag & drop, nor copy & paste. WE does. The ftp command line is correct. But the help open documentation is poor. It says: open Connect to remote tftp
comment Why does /tmp/emacs${UID}/server get stale after last emacsclient exits?
1. Thanks for the confirmation; Can you please describe your work-flow beside using (server-start)? 2. No, but even if so, it does not seem to help. Nor exiting with C-x 5 0; 3. Don't thing it apply. 4. I'll check if this bug is reported.
comment Getting information from an armored gpg public key file
This is not pretty, but it is useful to know what options are not available, and this is a solution. So I thank you for that.
comment How to read from Iso file?
An ISO file is a file, you can use all manner of Unix tools such as cat to read it. You should elaborate more about your intention in order to getting better help.