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comment Are computers with more RAM potentially faster if not all memory is usually in use?
My understanding is that memory fragmentation is something that can occur within the memory space of a process, which is virtual on typical modern systems, and that it doesn't apply to the system in general. Since physical memory is divided into pages, which are mapped individually into the virtual memory spaces of the processes, fragmentation would be a menaningless concept. Please correct me if I have misuunderstood something.
comment how to do grep in the man command of linux using xargs?
I want to boil some eggs, but I want to do it using the lawnmower. Right. echo grep | xargs man | grep 'insensitive'
comment how to do grep in the man command of linux using xargs?
I think you need to clarify what it is that you want to do. Both the command you wrote in the question, and tjameson's suggestion with /, will work to search inside a man page. But do you want to do something else?
comment delete or rename a file with \r as the file name
@l0b0: Yes? As I wrote, single-character file names are unusual. It is fairly likely that there are no other such files in the directory, and in that case, this works. Otherwise "rm -i ?" can be used.
comment How can I make my computer play dead?
Since you don't want a hardware solution, and Windows is asleep, I don't see much you can do. Maybe you can reprogram the BIOS? But perhaps you can train yourself to sleep anyway? I have been sleeping for a number of years in various rooms with one and sometimes two computers, and other things with blinking lights, and even though I am a light sleeper I usually manage to sleep anyway. (And just wait until you get small children. Blinking lights? Ha!)
comment What's the difference between “shutting down the computer” vs “shutting down the hard disk”?
I've seen the term "hard disk" used to mean not the hard disk, but the computer box (in contrast to monitor, keyboard, etc). Perhaps that is part of the confusion? (As Dave wrote in his answer.)
comment Mac OS X: at command not working
@Stefan: Yes, and that worked well in the 1980's, when mail was handled locally on the same machine, but my experience (with other types of Unix than Mac OS X) is that nowadays you shouldn't expect to get any mail.
comment Does 5 GB of jpeg images take the same amount of time to download and/or import as 5 GB of plain text?
Can't argue with that...
comment How do I minimize idle I/O on Linux to decrease noise?
Or a quieter disk, and/or a more isolating case. It's been a long time since I heard any "grinding sounds" from my disks.
comment Why am I limited by Wi-Fi range?
Maybe I'm missing something here, but wouldn't that whacking big antenna be used to receive signals too?
comment Can you run one virtual machine inside another?
Is it just me, or doesn't this answer seem to be about running multiple virtual machines, not nested ones?
comment Where are Intel Itanium chips used?
Love the "TL;DR" summary, and the "TL;DR" label for it. Is that a common way to use "TL;DR" nowadays? So far I've only seen it used to mean that you actually didn't read something.