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comment How to verify an email's sender identity?
Yes, they can be faked. But because each mail server prepends its own Received: header, at some point which may be difficult to discern, the Received: headers are being created by your own email server, and these are reliable. The bottom-most reliable Received: header indicates the real IP address of the "foreign" email system. If the IP checks out, it tends to indicate a good message. If it doesn't, or there are obvious fakeries as in so much spam, then it calls the entire message into question. It's not a recipe for a certain UP/DOWN decision -- just clues.
comment Weird network problem
In order to determine whether browser or OS/hw is at fault, it would be good to know which OS/browser(s) don't work and any that do.
comment How to set custom JPG wallpaper using script for new user accounts (WinXP)
Thank you for the useful answer and pardon my delay due to excessive holiday activities. A command line tool that takes a .jpg and produces a .bmp is perfect for my needs. I just wonder why the equivalent functionality isn't available through a .dll function. Happy Holidays!
comment Are speakers wasting power when they are not in use?
The problem with this, for a CPU setup, is that your CPU clock battery won't last more than a couple of months, and I find the boot error message on low battery to be very annoying. Likewise, if your VCR/DVD is your main component in an entertainment setup. Flashing 12:00 is annoying. A smart strip avoids powering off the main component.