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comment Win7 DNS Client not working correctly
Yes, ipconfig /all lists our internal dns servers. We have 2 DNS servers. I've recently restarted my dns client and for now it works. Also when I type nslookup srv1 it lists our dns server. Everything is as it should be now.. maybe I should wait and try this when my dns client goes out again
comment SATA RAID Mode - 2 Disks in RAID0 and 1 Disk RAID0 alone
Interesting observation.. Perhaps I should test this to see if it will be same or slower.. Once I buy the drives I will test this first - since I will have the opportunity before I deploy the VMs on the raid array. Last I will post the results as an update to my question. First I will make a Striped Volume using Win7 Disk Management and will make some tests. Seccond I will create the Intel Fake RAID from the SAS Configuration and will make tests again. I plan on using AIDA64 to make the tests. Do you know any better utility for Disk Benchmarkin?
comment SATA RAID Mode - 2 Disks in RAID0 and 1 Disk RAID0 alone
As for the other things you've mentioned: 1. Via a pure software solution. - I already know that I can setup RAID via Win7 Disk Management but that is not an option for me as it is much slower then the original raid. 2. Via hardware - It is for home use no need to go into so much depth. Also the backup is not much of a problem as all my backups are on external HDD
comment SATA RAID Mode - 2 Disks in RAID0 and 1 Disk RAID0 alone
Thank you for your answer, I realy appreciate all the details you gave me. I may have missed a few things. This is my motherboard model as I am not sure wether if it is Fake RAID or not:
comment VirtualBox network configuration
Also take note that virtual box creates a virtual network adapter. In Win7 it is located in Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections .. try to use that adapter to connect the host and the virtual machine when you are offline :) I remember that when I used virtualBox I have somehow via that network adapter connected my virtual machine and my host so that i can transfer files between them. (this may be a little of topic but I am telling you this to compare it to your situation.)