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I WORK: as software developer for mobile phones

I WANT: a new job at Dusseldorf or Ruhr area

I LIKE: Linux, PostgreSQL, C, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Flex

I LEARN: iOS programming, my code @ GitHub -

I SPEAK: Russian, German, English

I PLAY: Social games and Battlefield -

comment Given 2 sorted files - delete all words found in another
Unfortunately it complains comm: file 1 is not in sorted order (despite me presorting it) and produces strange 2-columns output...
comment Keep putty from disconnecting from VMware Linux guest when I close my laptop
Not true - this (PuTTY kept connected) worked well for me with PuTTY, VMWare with CentOS 5 and 6 VMs and Windows XP / 32 bit. Now I have Win 7 / 64 bit and can't remember that setting again.
comment How do I to run several commands at once at the command line?
So Windows seems finally up to Unix here? :-)
comment WiFi-sharing with Windows XP Pro (similar to “mobile hotspot”)
Any advice on ICS settings?