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Senior Front-end web developer in Raleigh, NC. Cyclist, Runner, Father, Husband, Tar Heel, Guitarist

comment Multimedia PDF (Audio, Video and Links) That works on Desktop and iOS
Yeah, this has been my experience. The problem is they want iOS support as well. Looking like I may be dealing with a two file solution: one created from iBooks Author, and the other from Acrobat Pro.
comment OS X Excel 2008: Export All Document Sheets to Separate Tab Delimited Files
I should note I'm on OS X Excel 2008. THat one solution uses stuff with shell32.dll. We already gave that one a shot, but failed there.
comment Excel: Adding and Searching Replacing in Bulk from Many Sheets
Yes, this seemed to work. I'm trying to normalize 650 sheets of data in preparation to create CSVs to in turn import into MYSQL.
comment Linux: Finding the largest directories on web host
Is there any way to use the "du" command to be a little bit more verbose? If I do "sudo du -sh /var/www*" I simply get back: 38G /var/www Would love to get more info about the offenders. For sure, it's not db's or log files. I've already checked those off as offenders. It's all web files.
comment Location of Chrome cache on Mac OS X
@Jeff, make sure that you're in your user Library folder and not the root directory's Library folder. I made that mistake when initially looking for it.