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I am professional javascript/html/css and ruby on rails developer. I have completed a lot of projects connecting with great user interface for web sites. I was working in the one of the biggest company of Belarus with javascript (jQuery, prototype). My previous works are russian shop of drugs(http://okbox.ru/, http://github.com/oivoodoo/drugshop), shop of little items for teenagers(http://promist.ru) and shop-advertisement of houses in the Thailand(http://www.dreamydays.ru) (for more information please see my resume in the attachment). I have experience in deployment to ubuntu server(ruby ee + passenger + nginx + capistrano + mysql). Also I wrote very simple games for facebook(marriage with friends, age and so on). Also I have experience in Sharepoint and ASP .NET development about 1 year in Belarussian company. You can see some sources in the my repository(C#(RS network api written in the university), Java(network simple library), VHDL Demo(emulate machine queue commands processing), Rails(two sites) and so on.