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I've been a member of serverfault since 2008(ish) when I started as a Network Manager role for a small pharmaceutical company.

After 3+ years as a network manager, I accepted a role of Deskside Support for a large rail infrastructure business. While the role was perhaps a backwards step technically, it would provide me with the exposure to large networks and a more promising career path.

As of last year my company has been acquired by Siemens, which resulted in a nearly 2 year IT integration project.

I'm currently employed as an Infrastructure Support Engineer for Siemens. This role involves support of Sun Solaris 10, I have a little knowledge of Unix/Linux gained from training courses.

Serverfault has always been an incredibly useful tool for me during the years and if those answers that are not applicable are always enlightening and will continue to prove it's value to me as this role develops.

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