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comment Set SOCKS proxy for Safari
@JeffBurdges On OS X, you can configure different applications / user agents to use a particular proxy, or none, through a .pac file. I don't find this to be a flaw in OS X. On the contrary I find that OS X has had the capability to configure network profiles for many years now. I have not used Windows since Win 7 (I can't speak for > 7), but Win 7 & prior did not support switching between multiple network profiles. A number of makers (eg Lenovo), included utilities to do this, but I feel it is a fault of the OS to not provide it. OS X does not suffer this fault, but some OS do.
comment Set SOCKS proxy for Safari
@Baker, Ok I can see your use case, but I was responding to @flow who says this is 'stupid'. The are other use cases as I outlined where central configuration makes a lot of sense and saves time. In another post by @tr3buchet, he recommends using 'a real browser'. These are just rants. By that definition Chrome is also not a 'real browser', since it uses the system proxy settings. There are a number of options for your case such as using a .pac file to proxy certain sites, or a streaming proxy, or Firefox can use its own proxy settings or the system settings.
comment How do I retrieve files from Time Machine backups from another computer?
Yes, this just solved the problem for me too in OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Only thing is I had to use sudo vsdbutil -d 'Volumes/My Backup Drive' and type my password, because without it you now get 'You must be root to perform this operation'. Thanks Charlie! James, you should consider accepting this as the answer.
comment Set SOCKS proxy for Safari
@flow How is this stupid? What use case do you have to configure Safari separately? In fact I find this greatly convenient. Any application that uses the system network settings, will be able to use any proxy you set. And you can configure multiple network profiles with different proxies and switch between them easily, instead of configuring each application (which could be 5 or 10), each time you switch connections (which could be at least twice per day, eg between work, home, school).
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