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comment Deleting a folder with huge number of subfolders is very slow in Windows
"Slow", compared to what?
comment is there any relation between dpi setting and display resolution?
If you have a monitor with 1280x1024 pixels, then any image that fills the screen will be a 1280x1024 image. It is a lie to call a 800x600 image that has been scaled up to 1280x1024 pixels a 800x600 image, no matter how many people repeat the lie.
comment is there any relation between dpi setting and display resolution?
If Windows is ignorant of display size, then it is willful ignorance. The EDID which every display device is supposed to provide has fields for H. and V. physical dimensions of the screen, from which actual DPI is readily derived. Setting Windows DPI to the physical reality will often simply break the displayed image in many ways. Window's treatment of DPI is a linguistic and logical abomination.
comment So I disabled the Application Information service
The AppInfo service is the thing in Windows that handles elevation requests, when UAC is turned on. You'll need to somehow turn UAC off or reenable the service or use the built-in Admin account. Maybe from a WINPE-based rescue cd?
comment How can I delete a symbolic link?
That blog confuses the meaning of "Target", which is the actual directory the link points to, and which folks generally wish to avoid deleting whilst removing the link.
comment Website is securely not secure
There is no single meaning of the word "secure", so anyone asking if something has that attribute needs to specify exactly what they mean. The two Firefox dialogs are using the term differently: the exclamation mark is referring to unencrypted content requests, whereas the shield is part of Firefox's "Tracking Protection" feature, and is referring to items that Mozilla has judged to be known trackers.
comment Creating a symbolic link to mapped network drive in Windows
Why is running as administrator necessary? If the user has the Create Symbolic Link privilege, one would think no such elevation would be required
comment Windows 7 - What is “Date Created” file property referring to?
Most of your image links are non-op. I suppose that by "overwriting" files, you mean changing the contents, even perhaps all of the contents. But that is not "creating" a new file. It is just changing the contents of an existing file, and therefore the Date Created attribute should not change. I have no idea what you mean by "GUID constraint", perhaps you should reword that.
comment Display looks fuzzy / broken on my desktop running Windows 7 with an MSI GeForce 960 GPU
You're going to have to be much more explicit about your "problem". Nothing at all seems amiss to me in the images you posted.
comment Windows 7 permissions are set but access is denied
Or give the other user explicit permissions on the log file.
comment If I format my drive will I lose all traces of the file completely?
RAW is not a disk format: as used by Windows, it just means the partition has not been formatted to a filesystem type that Windows supports. It could possibly have a perfectly good ext* filesystem, created by the Linux installer. If such is the case, at least some of the old data may be overwritten and will therefore be unrecoverable. File recovery software that depends on an existant filesystem is pretty lame.
comment Linux mint 10 seems to corrupt ntfs filesystem
Nothing stated in the question supports the contention that the Linux software is causing/has caused data corruption in the NTFS filesystem. Such speculations are usually brought about by user error in failing to properly dismount the filesystem in Windows before switching to Linux.
comment Manually replacing corrupt Windows file
I could find no mention whatever of "dllcache" in the MS article you link to; it only suggests obtaining a copy of the corrupt file from another Windows installation. I hardly think there would be a spare copy on your computer without the System File Checker knowing about it or being able to use it.
comment Why do these characters appear when JavaScript is Disabled?
Firefox has a preference "gfx.downloadable_fonts.enabled" which will preclude the use of webfonts if set to False. I believe NoScript has an option to toggle that pref, and of course any user can do likewise.
comment fdisk - do i need it or can i make a filesystem directly?
There is no information in the standard partition table that is not, or could easily made to be, already in the volume boot record of the file system. Any reliance of software on a MBR/partition table to properly recognise and/or boot from a file system is entirely artificial.
comment Windows 7 - displaying a message if an event occurs
What does "doesn't work" mean?
comment Why is HDMI->DVI image sharper than VGA?
To me, the VGA sample is, if anything, slightly sharper than the HDMI sample, so your whole point fails. There is of course a substantial difference in brightness between the samples.
comment My network service (netsvcs) seems to be hogging all my memory
That svchost process consists of numerous system services, many of which have nothing to do with "networking". You could use Process Explorer from Microsoft/Sysinternals to see exactly which ones. Among them is the task scheduler service (which would explain the "every 30 minutes" thing, so you could look thru the list of the scheduled tasks on your system. I don't know why you are getting app crashing and freezes, cuz that svchost sometimes uses over 50% of my physical memory at times, with no such problems observed. Maybe you just have a lot of buggy apps.
comment How to give file,Folder and registry permissions in windows 7 on the basis of SID?
@DragonLord: Questions "asking for code" are legion here, and are most often answered without comment. Not saying that's how it should be.
comment How do I get my winsxs folder to be smaller on windows 7, above and beyond all of the standard disk clean up?
Dude, WinSxS IS your operating system!