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comment How to automount SMB shared network drives in Mac OS X Lion
I find this a preferable solution over using Finder for two reasons: 1) it directly specifies the mounted share name and 2) takes fewer, easily automated, steps to add another share to the mix. For one or two share, Finder is barely acceptable (and only with an additional step to persist the setup) but for dozens of shares using Finder is tedious. OTOH, this solution is more 'unixy', a good thing.
comment Emacs: Startup with no window system
I think this answer is as good as it is going to get. I ran an experiment of setting the variable 'window-system to nil as the only thing done in the .emacs file and then started emacs from a terminal. As expected, it had no effect. As an alternative to using an alias, one could use a script ( or emacs.bat) instead of invoking the executable directly.
comment Using a usb raid 5 configuration to store videos
Based on this answer, I built the simple 3 USB disk (2TB each) and the system is serving up different videos to three TVs simultaneously with no problems so far. This, of course, gives me 4TB of storage which should suffice until the 4TB drives are available. :-)
comment Using a usb raid 5 configuration to store videos
I am talking about a 3 USB disk raid5 configuration. Is your configuration using USB disks?
comment Cross platform, gmail compatible email client for Emacs
Edit with Emacs:…
comment Why is Thunderbird plagued by duplicate messages? Is this a Thunderbird crock or an IMAP server crock?
They really truly are duplicates and the add-on really detects and gets rid of them. Leaving the messages on the server is the whole point of using IMAP, at least for me since I use multiple machines daily, frequently simultaneously. And it is only SOME messages, i.e. some SPAM messages and some non-SPAM messages.
comment In xfwm4, is there a way to override the application and hard code the text used in the title bar?
Thanks for the link to xprop. It looks like a useful command even if it is not working for me. Doesn't seem to have any effect but I'm guessing that even if it did it would be temporary. For example, in Chrome, as soon as I select another tab, the tab title would become the window title (aka WM_NAME).