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Efran Cobisi

Efran Cobisi is a software solution designer and developer, specialized in the Microsoft .NET platform and in Microsoft SQL Server. Starting from the late '90s, he worked near exclusively in web-based and Internet-related applications, thus acquiring skills in those outcropping technologies.

Starting in 2001, Efran is linked by an indissoluble thread with the Microsoft ASP.NET platform, which he tested the first betas of, giving Microsoft developers technical feedbacks. After studying this technology for some years, he first gathered the title of Microsoft Certified Professional and, subsequently, he became a Microsoft Certified Application Developer. Furthermore, Efran is specialized in the development of Microsoft SQL Server related solutions (using TSQL, Stored procedures, UDFs, managed assemblies, etc): even if he felt in love with this RDBMS starting from version 7.0, he followed its evolution until the present version, and became a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for the version 2005.

Efran is also a trainer for professional developers and, in 2007, he gathered the title of Microsoft Certified Trainer. Moreover, he currently works as a technical author for several magazines publishers in Italy and is the author of the book "Windows PowerShell 2.0 - The complete guide".

Starting from 2007, Efran is the community lead for powershell.it, the Windows PowerShell Italian community, and for sqlserver.it, the SQL Server Italian community.

Efran is also the technical lead of EmailVerify.NET, the leading email validation component for the Microsoft .NET platform.