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Top new questions this week:

Does the wear leveling algorithm work well on a partitioned SSD?

I recently bought a Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB SSD and I would like to know something about wear leveling and partitions. Does wear leveling work the same regardless of whether I partition it or not? I ...

partitioning ssd  
user avatar asked by Marus Gradinaru Score of 16
user avatar answered by PierU Score of 31

Do I have a bad SSD? Bad block count at 257

I have Adata su650 480GB SSD which is generally working fine. Recent check of SMART values using CrystalDiskInfo reports 257 bad block count. Now I need to know a few things with respect to this ...

ssd bad-blocks drive-health  
user avatar asked by mmp Score of 9
user avatar answered by harrymc Score of 10

Chrome hangs when right clicking on a few lines of highlighted text

I have an unusual problem. Whenever I right click to try and copy a larger amount of text in a textbox in Chrome, the system will freeze up for 5-10 minutes. I first discovered it when using ...

windows-10 google-chrome memory  
user avatar asked by trlkly Score of 8
user avatar answered by trlkly Score of 9

How to increment a value in a function in Powershell?

My PowerShell script looks like this: $counter = 1 function next() { Write-host "$counter" $counter++ } next next next next What am I doing wrong? I want to see the counter ...

user avatar asked by John Stoneman Score of 3
user avatar answered by paxamus Score of 1

How to measure USB port real-world speed? and not USB device speed

Using Kubuntu 22.04.1 At back of desktop computer there are two blue USB ports with Type-A connectors. Theoretical speed command 1: lsusb -t Bus 02.Port 1: Dev 1, Class=root_hub, Driver=xhci_hcd/4p, ...

linux usb speed kubuntu  
user avatar asked by joseph22 Score of 3
user avatar answered by harrymc Score of 3

Macrium Reflect - Created Image of 41GB in 3 seconds?

Using Macrium Reflect to create an image of a brand-new system. The C: drive has 41GB on it. The Macrium Image literally only took only about 3-5 seconds and the image file is only 35MB. So I'm ...

user avatar asked by Hoff Score of 3
user avatar answered by mashuptwice Score of 9

Excel: How does relative and absolute reference determine which rows are formatted?

In the image below, why are all K column values formatted and only the correct J column values? I've read about absolute vs relative reference, don't see why the behavoir is different on my two tables....

microsoft-excel conditional-formatting  
user avatar asked by OrigamiEye Score of 3
user avatar answered by Jeorje Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I send a Ctrl+Alt+Delete through Remote Desktop in Windows 8?

I need to send a CtrlAltDelete to a remote machine through Remote Desktop. The CtrlAltDelete is being intercepted by Windows 8, regardless of whether the remote desktop has focus or is in full screen. ...

remote-desktop windows-8 ctrl-alt-delete  
user avatar asked by rtf Score of 345
user avatar answered by Graham Wager Score of 500

Remove or prevent sidebar from opening by default on Adobe Reader

In Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, presently 2015.007.20033, how do I prevent the sidebar from opening by default? It's not so bad when a PDF document is in portrait mode, but opening one in landscape takes ...

adobe-reader sidebar adobe-reader-dc  
user avatar asked by MonkeyZeus Score of 297

How to clear/flush the DNS cache in Google Chrome?

As you probably know Google Chrome has its own internal DNS cache. Is there a way to clear it without having to wait for the time out or close the browser?

google-chrome dns hosts  
user avatar asked by Mee Score of 1043
user avatar answered by ephemient Score of 1495

How to fix warning about ECDSA host key

I'm trying to setup password-less SSH on an Ubuntu server with ssh-copy-id myuser@myserver, but I'm getting the error: Warning: the ECDSA host key for 'myserver' differs from the key for the IP ...

ssh security ubuntu-server ssh-keys  
user avatar asked by Cerin Score of 440
user avatar answered by user1686 Score of 650

How to change some of the numbers in word to be arabic numbers within Word

I have a Word document. It has two parts: one English and one Arabic. The problem is that all the numbers are English numbers [0123456789], but I want the Arabic part's numbers to be Arabic numbers [...

microsoft-word microsoft-word-2007 arabic  
user avatar asked by Karim Score of 25
user avatar answered by lailasawy Score of 28

How can I find out what motherboard is in my computer?

I want to find out the exact model of my computer's motherboard so that I can see what sort of memory chip, graphics cards and other components it supports. I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

windows-7 motherboard  
user avatar asked by Assaf Lavie Score of 175
user avatar answered by txyoji Score of 287

How do I exit telnet?

I start telnet by telnet host port. How do I stop it in Windows? Shockingly, Ctrl+C doesn't work.

windows telnet  
user avatar asked by Val Score of 446

Can you answer these questions?

BSOD when connected to internet via Ethernet

Problem definition I am using Windows 10 on a Lenovo laptop with a Realtek network card. The network card shows in the Device Manager as "Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller" and I usually ...

windows-10 networking bsod wired-networking  
user avatar asked by Fabio Marroni Score of 1

Using Redsocks to relay UDP traffic

I want to set my up my Ubuntu server as a router to use Redsocks to pass all TCP and UDP (specifically DNS) traffic from my client’s to a SOCKS5 proxy server. So far, I am able to route all TCP ...

linux networking dns iptables  
user avatar asked by user310457 Score of 1

Chrome is saving passwords but not showing them in Settings

Running Chrome 107.0.5304.110 on an M1 Pro MacBook Pro, macOS 12.6.1. Chrome asks to save passwords and fills them in properly, but when going to chrome://settings/passwords none of them appear. It ...

google-chrome mac passwords  
user avatar asked by A L Score of 1
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