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Top new questions this week:

Locked folder with obscure app from SourceForge - now I cannot unlock the folder

I locked a folder containing some important files with an obscure application from SourceForge called Folder Lock Pro. When the enter password dialog came up to lock the folder I changed my mind, and ...

asked by chrispembs 30 votes
answered by grawity 97 votes

Does USB version speed matter for input devices?

We know that USB v1 - v2 -v3 has different features and signal/transfer speed, I understand that storage devices will most likely benefit from the speed feature, but does the speed affect input ...

windows usb performance speed input  
asked by threeFatCat 15 votes
answered by JeremiahBarrar 17 votes

SSD not reaching advertised speed

I recently bought a SanDisk Ultra 3d SSD and upon testing it never reaches the advertised speed of 560mb/s read, 530mb/s write. Sometimes the read speed is even lower than 400 mb/s, also the write ...

asked by Storm Asdg 10 votes
answered by Mokubai 36 votes

What is the contemporary meaning of primary storage?

I've always associated the term "primary storage" with main memory, so memory which can be accessed directly by the CPU and its of the volatile type. The past few days I've been reading some technical ...

asked by Simon Garfe 7 votes
answered by Romen 9 votes

Find a driver for Epson Perfection 1240U Photo scanner on Windows 10 64 bit

Epson doesn't officially support this scanner under Win10 64 bit. What to do? After searching around I found the solution myself. Please see below.

windows-10 drivers 64-bit scanner  
asked by huha 4 votes
answered by huha 4 votes

Which of these will work? HDMI to VGA or HDMI to USB?

I am buying a new PC and the motherboard will only have an HDMI and not a VGA port. My screen (Dell P2412H) has both VGA and USB ports, so I was wondering what would be better to use: an HDMI to USB ...

display hdmi  
asked by papakias 4 votes
answered by K7AAY 34 votes

Motherboard on booting, does not identify USB drive connected through usb-3.0 adapter

I have a PC based on Intel DP55KG "Kenigsberg" motherboard. It doesn't have a usb 3.0 bus (xHCI). I installed a usb 3.0 adaptor card (Inateck KT4006) (working fine, both on Windows and Ubuntu 18); ...

drivers motherboard bios usb-3 adapter  
asked by Helen Craigman 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to stop an automatic redirect from “http://” to “https://” in Chrome

I had something set up wacky in our DNS setup which is now resolved. The remaining problem is that chrome has cached the incorrect setup. Specifically, when using Chrome is ...

asked by phil swenson 378 votes
answered by ducpho 565 votes

How do I reduce the desktop icon size in Windows 7?

How can I reduce the size of my desktop icons if the video resolution is already on the highest setting?

windows-7 windows desktop icons  
asked by Sauron 52 votes
answered by pelms 67 votes

How can I enable WebGL in my browser?

I'd like to be able to use WebGL-based sites like Shadertoy, WebGL Earth, etc, but those sites tell me that WebGL is disabled in my browser. How can I enable it?

browser webgl  
asked by TachyonVortex 107 votes
answered by TachyonVortex 188 votes

Menu select item stuck on screen after context or command menu has closed

Periodically when I select a menu command, the label or selected option gets "stuck" on screen and won't go away. I can close all open applications, including whichever one I was using when it got ...

windows-7 windows user-interface  
asked by Sam Harwell 319 votes
answered by Sam Harwell 321 votes

How do I lock and unlock the OSD of a "AOC monitor 21'"?

My AOC monitor 21' has an on-screen display, but I'm wondering how its lock function works. Can you help me figure out how to lock and unlock the OSD?

asked by Sajad Bahmani 24 votes

How to recursively chmod all directories except files?

How to chmod 755 all directories but no file (recursively) ? Inversely, how to chmod only files (recursively) but no directory ?

permissions chmod  
asked by Olivier Lalonde 582 votes

Option to Turn Bluetooth on or off is Missing

I want to disable Bluetooth on my laptop running Windows 10 Pro x64, but I have a problem: the option to do so is missing even though I know that it was previously available. Here is the Bluetooth ...

bluetooth windows-10  
asked by DaveTheMinion 63 votes
answered by DaveTheMinion 12 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Public IP address assigned instead of DHCP ip range address

I'm using a second router to connect to my main router to create a new wireless SSID. Here's my current setup: First router/main router - Generic branded router is provided by ISP and connected to ...

router ip dhcp  
asked by Technicalguy 1 vote

Optimal Positioning of LTE Router

I have recently subscribed to a new LTE connection for our home and office internet. I'm still in the process of finding the best position for the LTE router, and I'm getting fairly good results. ...

networking router wireless-router  
asked by jerry 1 vote

Can I copy an entire database from an ODBC connection to a local file?

I have a working ODBC connection to an external database which will soon be shut down. I have already extracted all the information I think I'll need in the future, but I can't help but wonder if I ...

asked by Michael Murphy 1 vote
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