I'm trying to connect to a new Comfast (CF-WR300N, see at botom) as a WiFi repeater.

The irritating thing is that all seems fine, but when I get to the stage of choosing the network to repeat (see capture below), I can see all the wireless networks around me, besides my network.

Any suggestions how to debug/solve this problem?

Both repeater and router are configured for:

  • Auto channel
  • Mode 11BGN
  • Channel Width 40MHz
  • Max Tx rate 300Mbps
  • Frequency 2.4 MHz

available wifi CF-WR300N


The problem was that the repeater and router were configured to auto channel choosing.

Once I manually set the channel, the repeater is able to connect to the router.

  • wow.. saved my day :) works like a charm – Mr.P Aug 24 at 18:08

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