Windows 7 search allows to find specific files type and exclude some using some operators (such as AND OR NOT) but how to add multiple search condition on these following example?

Ex 1: this query doesn't work: type:folder size:tiny

EX 2: searching FOLDERS that doesn't contain an extensions with this query doesn't work either: type:folder NOT *.avi

Ex 3: thus, searching FOLDERS that doesn't contain this or this extensions could not work: type:folder NOT *.avi NOT *rar or type:folder NOT(*.avi *rar)

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AND is what you want.

NOT *.jpg AND NOT *.rar AND NOT type:folder

will give you everything in a folder and subfolders that are not a jpg or rar and will also not show you the folders

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    For anyone arriving here looking for the answer on Windows 10, this answer should be altered to NOT *.jpg AND NOT *.rar AND NOT kind:folder Jan 26, 2021 at 15:27

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