I have a Brother HL-4570CDW laser printer. It stores its location as well as contact information for the printer administrator in the printer memory. The location shows up in print dialogs when I print to this computer. That information is also listed on the printer web page (highlighted with red box):

enter image description here

I moved this printer out of the basement and I would like to change the location. It would also be nice to set the contact.

I must have managed to set the location before, but now I can't figure out how to set it. I have:

  • Looked through all the settings on the web interface
  • Looked through all the menus on the printer LCD screen
  • Consulted the product manuals on the brother website. (I searched through them for "contact" and "location". I found nothing relevant.)
  • Searched the internet
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I contacted Brother technical support. They were eventually able to locate the setting for me. In the web interface it is under: Administrator Settings -> Configure Password -> Configure Password (admin). Then the page is titled "Password & Contact" and has a form for setting the contact and location:

It also appears that you can get there slightly more directly through Network Configuration -> Password & Contact.

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