good day all

this is part of a larger function, but I get this error and can't figure out what is the problem:

script name "connected.sh"

running this

 cat "$logfile" | grep "$searchstring"

returns results perfectly, however when I insert this into the bash function, with the following code: (this is line 41, line 40 I create the tempout file & 41 is a simple echo)

 "$(cat "$logfile" | grep "$searchstring")" >> "$tempout"

this is printed in the terminal:

./connected.sh: line 41: Fri Nov  6 14:29:14 2015 us=68416 xyz/x.x.x.x.184:44595 MULTI: primary virtual IP for xyz/x.x.x.x:44595: 
Fri Nov  6 14:29:27 2015 us=606987 xyz/x.x.x.x:40223 MULTI: primary virtual IP for xyz/1x.x.x.x:40223: 
Fri Nov  6 15:46:58 2015 us=712031 xyz/x.x.x.x4:54911 MULTI: primary virtual IP for xyz/x.x.x.x:54911: No such file or directory

what is causing this "./connected.sh: line 41: ... No such file or directory"

 "$(cat "$logfile" | grep "$searchstring")" >> "$tempout

Is executing the line found by grep in your $logfile (that is what the "$" at the beginning of your outer parenthesis does) and then storing the output in $tempout. From your explanation it appears you are trying to redirect the line found by grep into $tempout. which would just be:

cat "$logfile" | grep "$searchstring" >> "$tempout"

Is that what you're trying to do?

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