My Firefox install on my desktop is repeatedly trying to connect to "https://incoming.telemetry.mozilla.org". That site appears like it's probably legit (my only question is that it appears to be hosted on AWS, but I suppose it's possible Mozilla uses them). The problem is that those IP addresses are blacklisted through our corporate AV/AM vendor. The end result is that I'm generating security alerts all day long...

While I could escalate this with the vendor, I'd like to just kill the telemetry in Firefox anyways for privacy reasons. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a telemetry option in the settings screens and Google is failing me too.

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If you go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Data Choices you can untick the the options there. Firefox telemetry location

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    Ah, excellent. The lack of the telemetry keyword was enough for me to totally miss those options! Nov 20, 2015 at 14:19

Or... go to about:config in Firefox and search for "telemetry" and set toolkit.telemetry.server to, or some other non-existent IP. Also be sure to disable toolkit.telemetry.unified, toolkit.telemetry.enabled and toolkit.telemetry.archive.enabled. When I say disable a setting, I mean set it to False.

Enjoy assurance you're not being spied on by companies! Except if you use Windows 10...

  • See also this post on the support forum.
    – GDP2
    Apr 5, 2018 at 0:21

In the meantime (Firefox 90 is the current version at this point in time) these settings have moved to Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Firefox Data Collection and Use.

Alternatively you can reach these settings by entering about:preferences#privacy in the URL bar.


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